£100 July Daily Cash Drop at Magical Vegas

Magical Vegas is one of those online casinos that offer a frequent bonus campaign, and so inspire its viewers to join this experience and earn a couple more benefits. It is where everyone can get a chance to win some extra coins, and of course have a lot of fun playing so many games. Standard terms, conditions, and wagering requirements apply – the full list can be found on the website. This month's £100 July Daily Cash Drop is the ongoing campaign that you can join right now, and naturally get to win a daily cash prize worth £100 every single day. In order to enter the promotion, you simply have to play games and collect free tickets to enter the cash drop. Get 1 ticket for every £10 wagered on slots or £50 wagered on table games – both providing an entry into the draw. Either way it's gonna a fun adventure; one that can really put a smile on that face of yours. If you haven't been able to join the MagicalVegas program yet, then this will also be the perfect time to do exactly that. This is exactly the kind of promotion that will keep all players invested, and there are many amazing games to try during the time of this promotional campaign.
Magical Vegas Casino Promotion
Promotion: £100 July Daily Cash Drop Duration: 1st – 17th July 2019 Qualifications: playing games 1 Free Ticket: £10 wager Daily Prizes: £100
Enter: Magical Vegas