A £1500 Cash Drop by The Sun Play casino

The Sun Play casino is preparing another fantastic giveaway, this time with real cash prizes for the top 15 players. If you feel lucky right now, then why not try your luck on one of the games at casino The Sun Play, which might yet give you the chance to gamble and win lots of amazing prizes. The “Goldwyn's Fairies” – £1500 Cash Drop begins on the 3rd October and will continue right until October 5th, when the promo will come to a conclusion, and the winners can finally get their hands on one of the rewards that are available for the duration of this event. The game itself can be quite entertaining, so opt in as soon as you are ready to join. Try the brand new Goldwyn's Fairies casino game and win a share from the £1,500 prize pool, which has been divided into 15 equal portions of £100. The top 15 players are going to receive their rewards as soon as this weekend campaign comes to an end, so don't forget to log in and see if you won. This promotion is open to any registered users who logged into their accounts since the 1st of November 2016. The rest is up to you, so good luck with winning the prize and have fun while playing the Goldwyn's Fairies.
The Sun Play Casino Promotion
* The Goldwyn's Fairies Cash Drop promo runs: 3-5 November 2017 * This campaign is open to players who logged in since 1st November 2016 * A prize pool of £1500 will be split among the top 15 players * Each winner is going to share an equal share of the prize (£100) * All cash prizes must be claimed before November 6th * Standard Terms & Conditions apply
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