A weekend challenge with €1000 & 7393 Free Spins from Energy Casino

Energy Casino is pumped with energizing promotions and exciting games, just as anyone would have it. The EnergyCasino website continues its monthly campaign in the form of weekend challenges, with the currently ongoing offer available between the 29th September and October 1st. This exciting online promotion continues to deliver many incredible prizes, like the Samsung gear, a set of gadgets, plus the €1000 prize pool and 7393 Free Spins. The Weekend Energy Challenge has everything that you should need to simply enjoy the games, as with the additional funds, the experience can be appreciated for much longer.

It's so easy that anyone can opt-in, but if you aren't registered with Energy Casino yet, then now is your chance to become part of the EnergyCasino family and get some rewards via its exclusive program. Remember to visit the online casino during this weekend, and partake in the weekend challenge with multiple free spins and cash prizes. All the leading participants will be displayed on the leader board, so if you need to check your score and current position, then you can definitely to that by accessing the webpage. Find out which games will qualify you for the rewards, as those involve many attractive gadgets and special bonuses.

Energy Casino promotion

Positions / Prizes
1st position: Samsung Gear S2 Classic & Set of Gadgets + 50 Free Spins
2nd position: Wallet & Set of Gadgets + 50 Free Spins
3rd position: Set of Gadgets + 50 Free Spins
4th position: Set of Gadgets + 40 Free Spins
5th position: Set of Gadgets + 40 Free Spins
6th-500th position: 5-35 Free Spins

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