Cash Noire – June 24th (2020)

Cash Noire Video Slot - NetEnt The Cash Noire video slot is going to become an instant casino hit for sure; what with its stylish noire theme that involves murder mysteries and seedy underground parlors. Become the private eye of this story and solve the puzzles that could lead to potentially dangerous situations. However, one must be constantly aware of the surroundings and one step ahead to stay alive in this world. Once you get accustomed to the era and don your trusty duster and fedora hat, you will immediately enter the detective work as a private investigator of the recent murders. So go out there and visit the Cat's Eye, a famous establishment owned by the beautiful Lola Leclair. Traverse the dark corners of the San Cayetano's streets, following the trail and trying to find out who or what stands behind everything. The clues might appear out of nowhere, but you might yet uncover who stands behind the Green Ace murders. In short; it's gonna be a thrilling experience to be sure. No doubt this new NetEnt slot will quickly become a favorite of many players. Full of Mystery Symbols and other bonus features unique to this game, Cash Noire is not going to be just another slot machine. Net Entertainment has many new projects planned for this year, so stay tuned for more information on its casino software.