Mega Madness: €100,000 – CasinoLuck

CasinoLuck is back with a host of awesome bonus offerings, and some pretty amazing promotions that you can sign up for as soon as you join. The place looks completely stacked and prepared for the upcoming spooky season. Therefore you should head over there and opt in for any of its Halloween promotions as well. Like the Mega Madness campaign, that is a premonition of great things to come. During this network promotion, which runs between the 5th and 16th of October this year, the players can enjoy some buy win games and win a share out of the 100,000 Euros in prizes. That's right; CasinoLuck has been rather busy as of late.

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CasinoLuck - Mega Madness

Campaign: Mega Madness

Prize Pool: €100,000

Start: 5th October 2023

End: 16th October 2023

Leaderboard: top 1500

Games: Games Global

Enter: CasinoLuck