Daily giveaways with luxury getaways – BGO

BGO casino has been planning this exquisite promotion for quite some time, and its players will be able to go on a dream vacation, to any of the exotic destinations for the luxurious getaways. If you are a member of casino BGO, then you are invited to join the daily giveaways, starting with the first that took place on the 16th of July. Those who missed that one shouldn't worry though, because there are still six left, with a total of seven – available on each day of the week. This week is exactly when the promotion takes place, so if you still want to go on vacations this summer, then get ready for summer playtime at BGO. There are a bunch of great destinations to which you can travel, after winning one of the available packages for two people, distributed as main prizes in the following days to come. Starting off with Monday, you can win a trip to Morocco, then one to Switzerland on Tuesday, a break in Paris and visit to The Louvre in France on Wednesday, stay at the Ackergill Tower in Scotland on Thursday, a visit to Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco on Saturday, and The Lodge Ski Retreat in Switzerland. All the aforementioned trips are going to last for 2 nights, and the winner can take a companion, because its an inclusive journey that should be shared with a friend or a loved one. See you back at BGO!
BGO Casino Promotion
Monday – 16th July: 2-night break at Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco Tuesday – 17th July: 2-night stay at The Lodge Ski Retreat, Switzerland Wednesday – 18th July: 2-night break in Paris and The Louvre, France Thursday – 19th July: 2-night stay at Ackergill Tower, Scotland Saturday – 21st July: 2-night break at Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco Sunday – 22nd July: 2-night stay at The Lodge Ski Retreat, Switzerland
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