Dark King: Forbidden Riches – October 8th (2020)

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Video Slot - NetEnt Dark King: Forbidden Riches is an online game that features a dark fantasy setting, where an ancient overlord sits upon his throne. The undying being guards all this long forgotten treasure, which you can try to recover once you unearth the lair, deep down in some ancient ruins of an old fortress. This new video slot is going to be a fantastic addition to any expedition, offering adventures beyond the wildest imagination. Set forth on a journey that leads to dark dungeons, where the loot awaits anyone brave enough to enter. However, be wary of the traps that could hide in plain sight. Notorious for their visual aesthetic, NetEnt slots are the best option for casino players everywhere. Furthermore, the game itself will have so many bonuses that even finding a lost treasure may seem unnecessary. You can expect to see more of the Dark King: Forbidden Riches slot when it finally arrives – on the 8th of October 2020. Before that happens however, you should try some of other games. There are plenty of new games from the Net Entertainment studio to last you for quite some time. There are those that come with special bonuses and free spins; pretty much like the Dark King: Forbidden Riches. Embark on this adventure as soon as the game arrives, and find the a quick and safe route to the riches below.