Double Stacks – September 24th (2018)

Double Stacks Video Slot - NetEnt The video slot that NetEnt plans on releasing next is “Double Stacks”, a game inspired by all the classic slot machines that begun this whole branch of entertainment, featured mostly at casinos in the past – but now available through any of the online sources and their respective platforms. Double Stacks has been inspired by fruit machines and other slot-based games, which often heavily featured symbols like colorful fruits, bells, diamonds, bars, sevens, and other objects that were commonly associated with gaming cabinets and other games of this sort. The highly advanced graphics and special effects have now improved the video slots in many different ways, and one doesn't even have to be a regular casino visitor or dedicated gambler, in order to appreciate these games. Players who are willing to invest their time and money into such online slots, are often met with astounding bonus rewards, which are not only part of the experience itself, but an inseparable component of the gameplay as well. It doesn't get any better than this – and with good reason at that too, because the more you play, the better chances you get at winning more coins, or even hitting the jackpot (because that is always possible with video slots – wherever those bonuses apply, of course). Certain games can even feature some special prizes, or bonuses like the Double Stacks does. In fact, the game has its own table of cash prizes that you can win instantly upon receiving a matching combination of the aforementioned symbols on all reels. The Double Stacks slot is coming out soon: on the 24th of September – 2018, which means that players will be able to play this new online game from Net Entertainment in the following month, so make sure to catch it while visiting your favorite Net Ent casino.