$/€10,000 for the last survivors of Cashiopeia

Cashiopeia and its players will experience what it means to be the last survivor, and though it might sound somewhat grim, there is no need to put with negative connotations like these. It happens so that many challenges require for a qualification that results in a single person that is able to claim the main prize, which is also the reason behind any competition of sorts. Especially online games can be quite demanding, and the players can often claim better rewards because of this. The online casino Cashiopeia is currently in the stage of providing its customers with a bunch of amazing stuff, and there are some attractive prizes to be had at that. The campaign has been dubbed Last Survivors for a reason, as only those who endure the trials may get to share the spoils of victory, and there are many of those to be had by the time this promotion comes to an end. First of all, you will have to sign up for an account with the Cashiopeia program, provided that you are not a member of this online casino yet. The rest is up to you, and you can definitely look forward to a whole lot of cash, which is provided to all top players of this exciting new competition. Brace yourselves for non-stop action, and begin your consecutive streak, which has to continue for the next 14 days – which is a minimum period for any player to qualify for the prizes. And there is a lot of cash to be shared during this promotion, granting the players everything they might want out of it in the process. The daily bet cannot be lower than £/€/$200, which is an absolute minimum if you wish to opt in. The promotion has started on the 26th of February, so you should probably check with the full terms if it’s accepting new participants. If not, then there are other promos that will also keep you occupied for a very long time. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus either, which may come in handy every time there is a new game to play at the Cashiopeia casino.
Cashiopeia Casino Promotion
Total prize pool: $/€10,000 1st place: $/€5,000 cash 2nd place: $/€3,000 cash 3rd place: $/€1,000 cash 4th place: $/€500 cash 5th place: $/€500 cash
Enter: Cashiopeia