Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror (July 24, 2018)

Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror Video Slot - NetEnt Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror is going to make a commotion within the online gambling community, all because of its absolutely fantastic visual aesthetics, which are already a common trait of all NetEnt games. There was never a better time to be a dedicated player than right now – when there is so much to do and even more to achieve, all thanks to the many bonuses and prizes that you can win by simply playing online games at your favorite casino. It probably will be the best iteration of this fantastic tale yet, now in a completely interactive version and digitized version – all thanks to the Net Entertainment studio and its trademark software development. Mirror Mirror is the third part of the successful Fairytale Legends saga, comprising of such popular video slots as Red Riding Hood or Hansel & Gretel. Those video slots were clearly based on popular fairy tales, as each of those aims to provide a different setting, based on a fable that is probably well known to a wide audience of players – if not all of the players. This particular game is based in the magical kingdom of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which is where the innocent princess has been hunted by the Evil Queen, who – jealous of the young girl's beauty – was pushed to the extreme, and used her titular mirror to track Snow White across the realms. It is up to the players; to help the princess find her way through the dark forest, so that she can reclaim her lost throne, and rule as the rightful heiress to the throne. Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror is most definitely (probably?) going to arrive on the 24th of July – this year (2018).
Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror