Funk Master – May (2022)

Funk Master Video Slot - NetEnt

The Funk Master slot is ready to launch on May 25th, this year! Which means a completely new online casino game that the players are going to play at any of the top NetEnt casinos. If you are ready to join the fun and online experience, you will be definitely able to enjoy this game's absolutely stunning graphics. With its visuals and aa whole magnitude of cool bonus features; the Funk Master is definitely going to let you fully embrace the inner gambler in you. Feel free to drop by one of those Net Entertainment platforms, so that you may get to fully appreciate all there is to it.

All of this is going to ensure that you can have some quick bonuses and add to it extra spins as well. For once the game launches; the Funk Master is going to deliver just about everything you can ever think of at the moment. Feel free to join the action and ready yourselves for instant music hits that you can still dance to. You can play this fabulous new game and collect all the bonus goodies that will come with it too. All the while jamming to some tunes, so that you and everybody else are going to enjoy your time. All that is definitely worthwhile, and the games will surely not disappoint. Vividly animated sequences during the gameplay, are something truly extraordinary. So make sure to get into it once the game is released. Find more slots like this one at any Net Ent casino site.