Go on an Orca Safari with casino MegaWins

MegaWins casino has been known for its unique online promotions, which can often guarantee the kind of experience that cannot be found anywhere else. If you would care to join this fabulous online casino, then there are many surprises waiting for you ahead. Starting off with a welcome bonus, the Mega Wins casino will undoubtedly provide you with even more reasons to enjoy the things that matter for any fan of this entertainment, and there are likely going to be many more reasons to keep pushing forward. Free spins and reload bonuses are just a small portion of what the players can expect to find when playing the numerous games, but they can often find that there is so much more to it than that. One of the best things about any online casino, is that these gambling platforms are frequently adding new games, and hosting various sorts of online promotions; some of them would feature cash prizes, others prizes, while the one that is being described here; a trip to a certain, often exotic destination. The winner of this particular offer, is going to enjoy some time off, and a trip to the Arctic Circle – for an incredible Orca Safari adventure – to see the magnificent killer whales in their natural habitat. Just follow the links and opt in at MegaWins between the 28th January and February 8th (2019), which is when the promotion is going to provide you with a chance to go on an unlikely trip.
MegaWins Casino Promotion
Dates: 28 January – 8 February Prizes: Orca Safari + €15,000 Cash Games: Swirly Spin Koi Princess Jack Hammer Piggy Riches
Enter: MegaWins