Gods of Gold: Infinireels – May 14th (2020)

Gods of Gold: Infinireels Video Slot - NetEnt The Gods of Gold: Infinireels is going to take its players on a journey through the ancient Kingdom of Mesopotamia. The catacombs are filled with secrets and treasures, but also many dangers from beyond. However, this game is 100% safe and won't cause its players to fall into any pit falls or spike traps. Planned for release on the 14th of May, the Gods of Gold will surely appease any fan of virtual adventures. You can expect to see a whole lot more than that, so stay tuned for more upcoming news. With its highly sophisticated artwork and colorful graphics, the game will not only bring a lot of joy to its viewers, but also more bonuses than one can possibly imagine. Although there are still a few weeks before the launch, you can check the footage on NetEnt's YouTube channel. Furthermore, all the bonus features, betting options and other settings, can be found on the official NetEnt page as well. Dive into the world of online gaming and seek out some of the ancient artifacts hidden by the gods of old. Net Entertainment is preparing a lot of other new productions, with other games coming out soon. Get to know the slot better and seek out others when you join an casino program of your choosing. This video slot should make gambling fun and really intense, and so appease any fans of online casinos.