Golden Grimoire – February 21st (2019)

Golden Grimoire Video Slot - NetEnt Golden Grimoire is going to be huge, and that is mostly thanks to Net Entertainment's efficient use of visual effects, which are an inseparable component of any modern video slot. The game is about to plunge the viewers into a world of ancient magical craft, where the main source of this forbidden knowledge revolves around the mysterious Golden Grimoire. It is safe to say that this slot machine will reinvent digital gambling all over again, which means that players will once again be able to try something new and refreshing in the online casino software department. Of course, one must still try this online slot – before deciding otherwise. The book may hold secrets to some ancient lore, long forgotten by the past and present civilization, but the future can still hold a few surprises, not to mention astounding winnings for those eager to join the fun. Such an impressive trailer, which the players can already view on NetEnt's social channels, can easily turn others into the online gambling activities, ensuring that this experience can lead toward even more attractive opportunities. With all these possibilities, it sure looks like everyone is going to have an incredibly good time, but not before the 21st of February 2019 – which is the date of the game's launch. Discovering the mysteries behind this Golden Grimoire is one thing, the other being the fact that there could be bountiful treasures beyond that colorful, of dark background. Mystery Symbol transformations are going to take place after triggering certain combinations, along with Free Spins and Wild Substitutions.