Ocean’s Treasure – February 24th (2020)

Ocean’s Treasure Video Slot - NetEnt Ocean's Treasure is coming to all NetEnt powered casinos on the 24th of February this year, and it's about to take its viewers on an underwater adventure that should provide massive winning opportunities and a couple more special goodies along the way. As every other Net Entertainment production, it's about to be have a unique theme, as well as multiple bonuses and rewards that are sure to keep the players on the edge of their seats. It should be a journey to remember for a very long time, and one that would come with loads of free spins, bonus coins and other goodies. The Ocean's Treasure lets you enter the world of sea creatures and mermaids, with the marvelous kingdom of the underwater beings that can be found only in the deepest depths of the ocean. Many hidden treasures would be scattered across the bottom of the sea, and those eager to find them might have a set of challenges waiting for them to prove they are worthy to claim it. Some dangers might be lurking in the dark, so one must be careful not to wake whatever is hiding in the water. Grab a diving gear and plunge into the depths to discover a world full of marvels, all of which are going to be part of the Ocean's Treasure game – delivered by the Net Ent software company to every casino that runs on this online gaming technology.