Omni Slots: Juan in a Million Tournament

Omni Slots casino will let you fully experience what Mexico has to offer its visitors, while you play some of the hottest casino games, and focus on winning this next amazing promotion. One lucky player, along with a chosen companion, will be spending an all inclusive holiday in the sunny Cancun, Mexico. This €3,000 holiday package is available thanks to the generosity of the OmniSlots casino, and its exciting rewards program, which brings you this Juan in a Million Tournament. There are four rounds of this tournament, and during each of those qualifying rounds, three players with the highest total wagers get to win €500 in cash prizes, and will also receive an entry ticket into the Grand Final Tournament, available from 25th until 31st of May. The first round is available between the 1st and 6th May, the second: 7th and 12th May, third – 13th and 18th May, with the fourth round taking place during the 19th and 24th May. In order to enter this tournament, you will have to spend at least €30 or more, on slot games provided by the online casino Omni Slots. The dream holiday prize comes in a full package, which includes: airplane tickets to Cancun for two people, nine nights stay at an all-inclusive hotel, return transfers from hotel to airport, plus €500 in spending money for additional expenses. There is definitely going to be some tough competition during this tournament, but that is only going to make things much more interesting, so if you plan on playing some games either way, then why not go straight for the best ones, and win yourself a vacation in Mexico this year. After all, there are still going to be plenty of opportunities to play even more games, and take part in other promotions, either similar to this particular one, or entirely different, which is also good. Join the online casino OmniSlots and see for yourself.
Omni Slots Promotion
1st – 6th May: Qualifying Round 1 (€1500) 7th – 12th May: Qualifying Round 2 (€1500) 13th – 18th May: Qualifying Round 3 (€1500) 19th – 24th May: Qualifying Round 4 (€1500) 25th – 31st May: Grand Final Tournament
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