Pop Summer Blast with CasinoPop

CasinoPop is an iconic online casino that features a variety of uniquely designed graphics, plus an artwork that could be put on display. The visual attractiveness of the site is not the only thing that is worth checking out, as its software library is just as rich and filled with the latest online games and other featured items. The summer can be long and quite hot, so if you are staying home, you should consider visiting Casino Pop, especially during the summer holidays, when a special promotion is being held by this gambling network. Each day brings an opportunity to grab a bonus or win a special rewards, and all of that available throughout the entire week, except for weekends, so that you can take a break and do something else. The campaign lasts from July 12th until August 31st, with almost two months filled with outstanding content, and a plethora of bonuses to acquire during that time. Expect to see a lot of Epic Spins, Free Spins, Spin-a-Win challenges and level boosts. All that becomes available during the long and hot summer days, and even if you are not a member of CasinoPop yet, then you can sign up whenever you are ready. The Pop Summer Blast promo comes with Magic Mondays, Speedy Tuesdays, Lucky Wednesdays, Happy Hour Thursdays and Mystery Fridays, each packed to the brims with extra bonus content.
CasinoPop promotion
Magic Monday: deposit at least €35 and you will be receiving 15 free spins for the next three days that follow afterwards Speedy Tuesday: a double level boost is going to be active during the entire day, speeding up your progress on the games and delivering wager-free free spins, epic spins and cash prizes Lucky Wednesday: the Spin-a-Win challenge makes it possible to win a more than just the usual prize that can becomes available during any other promotion offered by the casino Happy Hour Thursday: enjoy the Happy Hours between 16:00 and 18:00 CET, so log in and expect to receive something quite special for that occasion all along Mystery Friday: many surprises and gifts are waiting ahead, so visit the site on this day as well
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