Slot of the Week tournament by YoYo Casino

YoYo Casino returns one more with a chock full of entertainment, and a load of loyalty points to give away. The ongoing campaign is “Slot of the Week”, as it highlights one of the popular video slots that have been chosen by the online casino to be featured throughout the promotional period. This week it's “Wild Chase”, a high octane slot machine with great visuals and a fast paced action. Those currently involve with some other things, may want to check out this tournament, as it sure brings a whole lot to the game. It could be a winning opportunity for you and everyone who is going to enjoy a few spins here and there, but more importantly; there are 100,000 Loyalty Points. Ten lucky players will be sharing this immense pool of LPs and actually have a great time pursuing them, because it sure doesn't get better then playing a casino game when something at stake. The rules are simple and everyone who wants to compete, can do so until the 2nd of February. A minimum deposit of 20EUR has to be made before one can qualify further, with a stake of 0.3EUR – which is counted as the tournament wager. You can get all the details at Casino YoYo, which has also other tournaments prepared for you to participate in and play different games each time.
YoYo Casino Promotion
Promotion: Slot of the Week Valid until: 02-02-2018 Qualifying deposit: 20EUR Minimum stake: 0.3EUR Pool: 100,000 L.P. Prizes: 1: 17,000 L.P. 2: 15,000 L.P. 3: 12,000 L.P. 4: 11,000 L.P. 5: 10,000 L.P. 6: 9,000 L.P. 7: 8,000 L.P. 8: 7,000 L.P. 9: 6,000 L.P. 10: 5,000 L.P.
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