Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune will be the next video slot from NetEnt

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Video Slot from NetEnt Net Entertainment has create many splendid games over the course of time, influenced by various different themes and settings. There has been already confirmed information that the next iteration of a video slot game would be introduced as soon as the 22nd of June this year. This is great news for all fans of the genre, as each online casino will deliver this game on the exact day of its launch, so it does not matter which gaming network is your favorite, as all those powered by NetEnt are going to add the same element. The game is sure to be as colorful and fancy as it sounds and accompanied by other bonuses that systematically appear during the actual gameplay. Bearing an interesting title that states “Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune”, the next video slot is going to be centered on the carnival theme, full of rollercoaster rides, shooting galleries, spinning wheels and other attractions that can be found at a carnival by default. This incredible experience can be now appreciated even while spinning the reels of a slot machine, which proves once more that slots are perfect for any kind of setting, either unique or conceptually based on a licensed feature just the same. Prepare yourself to visit the them park once again, even if you have not been there since childhood, as this time you do not even have to leave your home to appreciate all the fun and games provided there. It seems that the game will launch several stages and each with a different theme derived from the carnival, thus focusing on an individual attraction in the end. Fusing the excitement of this entertainment with the exact same amount of joy received from playing a video game, makes for quite the match and will inevitably lead to the popularity of this product, as soon as it hits the market and undergoes the necessary process of development, during which it currently is, for the time being.