Wolf Cub – NetEnt's exclusive video slot

Wolf Cub
Wolf Cub seems like a childish video game, but in reality it's a fantastic online slot that providers multiple opportunities for winning actual money. None of the video games can do that, with maybe a few exceptions, but as soon as cash is involved, it must be a casino game after all. The video slot had been developed early this year by the Net Entertainment software studio and released to a limited set of platforms. If you haven't played this game yet or even heard about it, then don't worry, because the slot is exclusive to just a couple of gaming providers right now. You may find it at online casinos belonging to the Betsson Group. If you are a member of one of the sites run by the aforementioned operator, then you can locate the Wolf Cub under the video slots genre. If not, then maybe you should considering joining one, not only to play the slot but also to receive a warm welcome in the form of an instant bonus. NetEnt should definitely release it again to a wider audience, so that players from all casinos could experience the joyful experience that the following video slot really is. Based on a classic example of an animal story, the cartoon influenced animations present an adventurous young wolf with his other companions from the dark forest, including the lynx, an owl, a bear and a moos. Fans of this kind of animation will be pleased with the results, as the graphics are crisp and smooth, while the interface is easy to learn and always friendly to beginners. From bonus games to free spins, multipliers scatters and wilds, it brings all of this, made available through a five reels setting. A special game mechanism called Blizzard can also be triggered during the gameplay, showering the player with super mega wins and much more. Make sure that you are able to check this one if you are able to.