Celebrate the rise of a Blood Moon with Kaboo

Kaboo Casino has planned a glorious celebration to honor the Blood Moon that happens this year in March. Such a mystical occurrence will bear quite many opportunities to magically infuse any gambling activity in particular, so that luck might shine on your path once again. The upcoming Easter holidays will be full of surprising promotions, making the time rather more interesting that it could ever be. That is why casino Kaboo wishes to encourage all the fans of digital entertainment and gather the populace around, in order to fully launch the spectacles into what the future might bring up next. One can still find more on the individual deals that will take place on a daily basis, yet keep in mind that this is only a simple premise to what can be expected from Kaboo in the following days to come.
Kaboo Casino promo
21st of March: Free Spins on Easter Eggs – 10 Free Spins after depositing €20 – 20 Free Spins after depositing €30 – 50 Free Spins after depositing €60 22nd of March: new slot game – Aloha! 24th of March: 50% up to €15 Bonus 25th of March: 75% up to €15 Bonus 26th of March: 100% up to €15 Bonus 27th of March: 125% up to €15 Bonus 28th of March:150% up to €15 Bonus
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